Susan Kohn Green


Susan Green is a native New Yorker who creates works of fine art that include portraits and watercolor paintings of flowers. Her fine art work has been seen at the Hoorn-Ashby Gallery in New York and Nantucket, the Keyes Gallery in Missouri and at the Limner Gallery in New York among others and, of course, are in private collections, including that of Jesse McNab, curator of European and Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Her fabric painting has been featured in House and Garden and has been seen in many other dwelling magazines. She illustrated Caleb Gattagno's White Canary, and she created over a hundred drawings from "life" which were used in her own book, Gentle Gorilla; the Story of Patty Cake, an adult non-fiction concerning the familial relationships of a small troop of gorillas at the Central Park Zoo in the early 1970's.